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About Us

Family Owned with 20 Years Experience

KERO DESIGN is a family-owned Peruvian company with 20 years designing, manufacturing and exporting to the international markets high-quality, fully-fashioned knitted garments made with the finest natural fibers of Peru such as baby alpaca, alpaca, organic cotton, and pima cotton.

Since the beginning, Mariella Gonzales, our international-experienced Head Designer and Founder of Kero Design, has always been innovating our designs and products, using a very creative combination of in-house developed materials and hand-dyed colors, inspired in Peruvian artisan techniques, which makes each garment one-of-the kind and exclusive. 

We are committed with the development of hand-knitting workshops and hand-finishing products, and behind each Kero Design garment there are many hours of hand-crafted and detailed artisan work, delivered with love and dedication.

Our Mission

We work under firm principles that guide our work. Among them, we are committed to creating opportunities, full transparency in our work, honest commercial practices, skills development, fair wages, equality, good labor conditions, against child work, respect for the environment, and of course, fair trade promotion to have successful and sustainable partnerships.

Based on all the previous principles mentioned, we can define our mission by the following statement:

Exporting garments and accessories with high added value in terms of design, with the best Peruvian alpaca and cotton fibers respecting the principles of fair trade and sustainable development.