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Family Owned

Family Owned with 20 Years Experience

KERO DESIGN is a family-owned Peruvian company with 20 years designing, manufacturing and exporting to the international markets high-quality, fully-fashioned knitted garments made with the finest natural fibers of Peru such as baby alpaca, alpaca, organic cotton, and pima cotton.

Since the beginning, Mariella Gonzales, our international-experienced Head Designer and Founder of Kero Design, has always been innovating our designs and products, using a very creative combination of in-house developed materials and hand-dyed colors, inspired in Peruvian artisan techniques, which makes each garment one-of-the kind and exclusive. 

We are committed with the development of hand-knitting workshops and hand-finishing products, and behind each Kero Design garment there are many hours of hand-crafted and detailed artisan work, delivered with love and dedication.