In Chillihua, province of Melgar (Puno), at 5,000 meters above sea level lives a noble and hard-working community dedicated to the breeding of camelids. A town where the beauty of the natural pastures, the sacred air of the Andes and the blue skies make us forget for a moment the extreme weather conditions that its inhabitants face every day.

The alpaca breeders of this unique place, women, men and children share the vision of nature and the same values ​​of collective work that they inherited from their ancestors. The 40 families of Chillihua keep alive the millennial traditions handed down for generations from fathers to sons. Their respect and love for their natural environment allows them to be the guardians of a unique ecosystem. In that way, united to their land and their 15,000 alpacas by a magical bond, they honor their roots and preserve the harmony of the humid puna.

The Chillihua community is an active agent in the fight against illegal mining and in the preservation of endangered species such as the condor, vizcacha and vicuña. Their work is essential for the protection of the Yacumama, the vital “mother water” for the balance of their entire habitat.

The alpaca breeders are proud to be able to work as a family. They know that strength lies in teamwork and that is why they have formed the Alpacas Breeders Association. A group dedicated to implementing educational and health facilities, managing and processing water resources, or improving homes.