Our history

This is a story about family and love for a country.

A story based on ancient learning, knowledge and traditions, but above all of values ​​and identity. It started as a child, when I went to visit my grandfather. There, while listening to his magical stories, I gazed fascinated at his collection of Keros, the Tiahuanaco ceremonial vessels. In this way, I discovered much of what Peru had to offer: colors, customs and impressive landscapes. A land where traditional weaving techniques and ancestral ceremonies survive. Where the know-how of the ancient Peruvians is in the soul and hands of today's artisans.

Kero Design's desire is to proudly carry the Peruvian soul around the world. Spreading some of the finest natural fibers of Peru, such as alpaca and pima cotton, and through weaving, honoring their roots and expressing our DNA: diverse and sustainable. We are a committed and conscious brand. We know that true luxury is not producing in series or destroying the environment, but being socially responsible.

Our collections are inspired by the energy of the Peruvian mountains, by the waves of the Pacific Ocean and by the mystery of the Amazon. They have a nomadic and artistic spirit. They represent the privileged connection with our ancient heritage that is reborn in each of our designs. Behind each garment there are many hours of love, dedication and teamwork. The desire to make each piece unique, with special details and colors and of impeccable quality.

Thank you for sharing this adventure with us.

Mariela Gonzales


Kero's collections are inspired by the infinite textures and colors of traditional Peruvian crafts such as basketry, embroidery or the loom. We create versatile, unisex pieces with a contemporary design. We use top quality wool, produced in the heart of the Peruvian Andean highlands, and soft cotton from the north coast. A large part of our yarns is dyed and hand-painted exclusively. Our threads can have up to 60 colors in a single spool. At KERO DESIGN we work with artisan knitting machines (without electricity) and with knitting or crochet needles, paying special attention to details and hand details. From timeless, classic, high-quality basics to beautiful jacquards, our designers create unusual combinations of yarns and fibers. Many hours of work are necessary to guarantee that each product that leaves our workshops meets the quality standards required by the most demanding customers.

We like texture and our collections are full of them, giving each piece an unmistakable handmade look. Each garment is designed by a specialized team of experts. With her experience in designs and colors, Mariella Gonzales our head designer, blends international trends, technological innovation and Peruvian tradition.

Our Mission

We work under firm principles that guide our work. We are committed to:

  • Creating opportunities
  • Full transparency in our work
  • Honest commercial practices
  • Skill development
  • Fair wages and labor practices
  • Equality
  • No child labor
  • Respect for the environment
  • Fair trade promotion

Based on all the previous principles mentioned, we can define our mission by the following statement:

“Exporting garments and accessories with high added value in terms of design, with the best Peruvian alpaca and cotton fibers respecting the principles of fair trade and sustainable development.”