Fair Trade

At Kero Design we take our commitment to responsible production very seriously. Proof of this is the Peruvian Fair Trade Certification obtained in 2014. We are interested in the people behind each garment, we personally know our artisans and breeders with whom we have developed a unique relationship based on mutual respect. We believe that a modern brand manifests its commitments by giving concrete answers to a society that is searching for meaning. For this reason, we promote employment in remote areas, the integration of an ethical and sustainable value chain and the empowerment of workers. We seek to create local economic and development opportunities that allow improvements in the living, educational and health conditions of all our collaborators. We actively fight against child employment.

We are aware of the impact that our actions can have on the destiny of many people and we are convinced that through design we can be an active agent of change. Not only in Peruvian fashion but also in our society.

We have projects activated in the regions of Puno, Ayacucho, Colca and Cusco in which a a wide variety of garments and products are produced: sweaters, cardigans, blankets, shawls, bags, yarn.